2010 Great Baekje World Festival

This festival was a rebirth of a 1400-year-old legacy. This main festival was focused on three main places in South Korea..which was Buyeo, Gongju Chungcheonam-do. There were many events planned and set to be performed on these main places. The events takes place for a period of over a month from September 18th until October 17th, 2010. This events was to bring back this old legacy into live..as it was said to be the fundamental source of the study of Korean Ancient History. Baekje was the name of a kingdom in the southwestern section of ancient korean peninsula, together with Silla and Goguryeo. It was a great kingdom that lasted for almost 700 years where finally it was defeated by Silla.

Daejeon was one of the nearest places to this big event with just one-two hours away from Buyeo, Gongju Chungcheonam-do. Without wasting that opportunity, Woosong University had organized a two-day trip for the international students to visit this fantastic event. It seems that my luck is getting better as i had the chance to go for both days trip.

The visits :

On 21st September 2010;

  • Buyeo National Museum
  • Sabi Palace

On 22nd September 2010;

  • Gongju National Museum
  • Gongju-Baekje Revival 

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Chuseok..in Korea.

Chuseok is a three days celebration in Korea..and also for any Koreans that stayed abroad. It is a celebration of thanksgiving for the good harvest and also as a remembrance of past generations and ancestors. On this day usually, Korean family will gather around with all the relatives and have a gathering dinner. They will also go and visits those that had past away. The date of Chuseok celebration changes every year in accordance to the Lunar Calender and usually celebrated on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar Calender. This year of 2010, it is celebrated on the 22nd of September.

As for me, i get the chance to see some of the tradisitional customs done on Chuseok celebration as Woosong University had organized a Chuseok Day Celebration. There were some traditional foods, games, and even crafts displayed on that day. The most interesting part for me was i get to try on the traditional dress of Hanbok..and also the dress that usually wore in the palace during the old days..^_^ It was so beautiful..i’d wished to bring back one to Malaysia…^_^

Nusaiybah wearing 'Hanbok'..

A traditional games almost similar to a see-saw..except that u dont sit on it..instead..u jump on it….^_^

Korean Traditional See-saw known as Nol-Ttwigi

A traditional Korean food..made from batter and is hammered by two person.. i get to try too..^_^

Korean traditional craft of writing, kites, fan-making..





and here is the ceremonial table setting on Chuseok known as Jesasang..


these are some the food on the table..


And on that day also we had some perfomance from outside..singing and dancing artist..
That was all the celebration of Chuseok for that day..actually i had a graduation class on that day..but i asked permission from my lecturer, Mr.Chris as to let me go and see this celebration.. It was worth it..^_^

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Mentoring Program Orientation..

Last September 11th 2010, Woosong University had organized a mentoring program for all the new students of this semester of 2010/2011. The program was scheduled on 11th and 12th of September..saturday and sunday.

On 11th September around 12pm..all the new students were required to gather at our assembly parking lot infront of the hostel. The committee incharged went through the list of names and which bus the students were have to be in.. As i was a special student there.. ^_^ my name was not there..huhu.. ;p So, they just randomly put me in the last bus-the twelveth bus on the list.

So, i went on the bus..as i always love travelling and taking picture..there was an empty seat on the very front row, beside this beautiful girl.. Most of the students there were Chinese..but somehow this one was different.. and yes… i was right..she was a Korean..^_^ [whoooah..finally.. ;p] Her name was Ha Kyung Su.. a sweet girl and on that day..she was wearing a green t-shirt [my favourite color!…hahahha ^_^]. She was a really friendly girl and we instantly became good friends..^_^ My korean was not so good..and so was her english..but, what was adorable about her was that she tried really hard to talk to me..she even look up through her phone dictionary for the suitable english words..^_^ i felt so embarrassed of not being able to converse in Korean with her and was admire of her spirit of trying.. It was really, a sweet memory to get to know a person like her.. And as i was not familiar with the surrounding of the new program and moreover..i couldnt understand any annoucement made as it will always be in korean and chinese, she made sure to have me with her by her side all the time.  Kyung Su sshi, Kamsahamida.. ^_^

Nusaiybah and Ha Kyung Su..^_^

The mentoring program was held at a mountain named Song Ni..in Korean it is called ‘Song Ni San’ as San is referred to a mountain. Kyung Su was quite familiar with the place as her grandparents was staying there. We depart from our hostel around 1.20pm and arrived there around 3.30pm. We arrived at a huge four story building.. the first floor was the cafetaria second floor was a big hall and third and fourth was the rooms for participants staying overnight. As soon as we arrived, we were brief on our schedule..[i was clueless at this point..i didnt understand the instructions..it was in chinese and korean.. +_+..] 



 Finished with the briefing..we went to the rooms and put our stuff..it was hectic at this time, all the students were going around to find their rooms..some were even arguing over a room and wanted to stay with their own friends..[shocked me!.. ‘o’] of everything..kyung su made sure that i was beside her and we went to search for our room. We found our room and stayed there with the other eight chinese students from Harbin. [ they were from a China university, and together came to Woosong University..] Luckily, we get along very well..pheww.. ^_^ [sorry.. i forgot their name already..] After settled with the rooms, all students sat together in a circle with their new roommates and began the ‘ice breaking sessions’..

After a while, all student went to the main hall for the tentative program planned. We had some briefing..[again..clueless.. +_+ all i understand was the one with pictures…hahahah =D] They introduced the mentoring program..what was it all about.. introduce us to Woosong university..and also the committee involved..finishing was the dinner… After dinner, students were given time for themselves to do some preparation for next event.. that night we had a program of  ‘Namja Yoja, Yoja Namja’-means Boys Girls, Girls Boys transformation…hahahha.. from each of twelve groups, we had to come up with a pair of a couple..rules. the guy have to be a girl and the other way around.







At night, we had an invited host to spice up the event.. The night event starts with the host making friends with the audience/students..he gave up some questions..and some prices to those participating.. Continued after that was the ‘Namja Yoja-Yoja Namja’ program.. it was hillarious..and funny to see the boys dressing like girls..my stomach was about to burst at this moment..[ Koreans are known to have this kind of events especially in the reality shows..] the girls being a boy was not a big deal…..but boys becoming girls……………….aahhh….with the dress…the make-up.. the acting of becoming a girl…it was a burst of laughters……………… ;p sadly, i didnt had anny pictures of this event. sorry. Next event, students get to perform on stage. At this time, many students participated and showed some talent..some did karaoke..singing their favourite songs…some did a bit of dancing..hip-hop, breakdance.. some played some musical instruments..and more.. After that we had some candle moment..to end the event.. the candles hold by all the students were put on the floor forming a love shape..



Ha Kyung Su and Nusaiybah ^_^

Me..and my buddy, Zhang Yu Xing (the one who pick me up from the airport)





For the next day after breakfast, we gather and form a group of five to six students. Each group was assigned to make a a choice from the list of places given to us as to visit during this semester..the places were 63 Building, Namsan Tower, Old Folk Village, and many more..we were required to discussed in the group which places to go and when is the right date where every member get the chance to go together as a group. Here is my group..we’re known as K.M.C.. ^_^

The K.M.C. ^_^ stands for Korean, Malaysian, n Chinese..

Done with the discussions, we were supposed to have some outdoor games after lunch..but unfortunately, the weather was not so good..so we headed back to Daejeon from Song Ni San.. That was all..the Mentoring Program Orientation..

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Classes..in Global Business English.

Assalamua’laikum..and Hello to everyone..^_^

Hmm…continuing my journey here in Woosong University, Korea as an exchange student, i continued my studies in English Language Studies here according to the course of Global Business English that Woosong University had assigned to me. Global Business English..sound quite different from my original course..but as i had started my class, it was not so much differ from my classes in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia..just the classes here are more to the usage of English in business side..where my original course was more focusing on the aspect of English as a linguistic medium.   

The first day of my class, i went to the main administration office and was accompanied by my roommate + office assistant Machiko Unni…^_^ We went to the office as to finalized my schedule and also meet the respective lecturer that was incharge of me for my studies there at the Global Business English Department. Prof. Park Sun Young was the lecturer incharge and she helped to finalized my schedule to arrange me in the suitable subjects and also classes. Here was my finalized schedule..

Days Time Subjects Lecturers
Monday 11.00-12.30am Tourism English Mr.Hall Jarrod Linden
  1.30-3.30pm Intercultural Communication Ms.Lori Swanson
  3.30-5.30pm Graduation Project-Drama Mr.Christopher Beinstead
Tuesday 9.00-10.30am Intermediate Academic Writing Mr.Steven Lindberg
  10.30-12.00pm Business Telecommunication Mr.Christopher Beinstead
Wednesday 11.00-12.30am Tourism English Mr.Hall Jarrod Linden
  1.30-3.30pm Intercultural Communication Ms.Lori Swanson
  7.20-9.45pm Korean Language Ms.Ha Jae Seon
Thursday 9.00-10.30am Intermediate Academic Writing Mr.Steven Lindberg
  10.30-12.00pm Business Telecommunication Mr.Christopher Beinstead
  7.20-9.45pm Korean Drama Ms.Im Ren Yeong

My classmates in the classes most of them are Koreans and also Chinese. First experience of entering the class was really nervous..not just myself..but for my classmates too..^_^ but after a while it was alright and we get along nicely.. my classmates were [i’m sorry..i just remeber their english names..;D ] Darlene, Jessica, Kai, Jim, Jin, Huang li Yuan, Anna, Yong, Seung Kyu, Leonard, Candy, Scully, Jerry, J.J, Jen, Angela, Johnny, Slash and thats about all.. ^_^

As for now, i havent managed to get pictures of my classes, lecturers and friends. Iwill try to post them later..^_^

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Woosong University, Daejeon, South Korea.


Yesterday’s post was until i was in my new room, and with my new roommate Machiko unni..^_^

Well, for the past few days afterwards was just about settling and adjusting myself with the new environment around me. My first day which was on 27th August 2010 in my room..it was quite empty because what i had with me was just a big luggage, a backpack and two hand carrier [ due to limitation of baggage at the airport, i was only able to bring with me from Malaysia..the extremely necessary stuff with me..others, the extra..had to leave it..huhu.. :/ ]. Around the evening i went to see my lecturer as he needed to brief me on something.

Finish with that, i started my first scout for some bathing tools. So, i had my first walk around the campus and also the streets of Daejeon. The shops here are much more smaller from those in Malaysia and they are closer to each other. Here’s are some photos of Woosong’s West Campus-where i’m staying..and Daejeon..Hope you’ll enjoy it..^_^

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New Experience..

FINALLY!!! i had managed to set time for this blog..^_^

Last 26 August 2010, on 11.30pm from Kuala Lumpur International Airport-KLIA, was my flight to South Korea. Thank you so much for my family and friends for the warm farewell..it was sad and also happiness at the same time..^_^ I came to Korea for a chance of participating in a student exchange program between Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia/ Malaysia National University and Woosong University.

During my flight, i was lucky to be seated next to a malaysian student, Kyle Tan Jin Soon..who was studying in Kyungpook University, Korea. It was a really fortunate meet..as he was really helpful in introducing me to Korea as he had stayed there for about a year already. As a chinese in Malaysia, he understood the lifestyles of Malaysian especially Malays as myself. He mentioned about the main concern would be of Halal food* as Muslims are quite a minority in Korea and most of them stayed in Itaewon, near Seoul. And the place that i will be is still new and isolated of muslims. Getting halal food would be a bit of a challenge there in Daejeon, the place of my Woosong University.

* Halal Food =In Arabic, the word halal means permitted or lawful. Halal foods are foods that are allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. According to these guidelines gathered from the Qu’ran, Muslim followers cannot consume the following:

  • pork or pork by products
  • animals that were dead prior to slaughtering
  • animals not slaughtered properly or not slaughtered in the name of Allah
  • blood and blood by products
  • alcohol

As we arrived at Incheon International Airport, it was around 7.10am [ Malaysian time was 6.10am], me and Jin Soon met another Malaysian student from Universiti Malaya. So, the three of us walk our way together to the arrival and immigration section. Finish with the checking and declaring the stuffs that we have with us..we went to fetch our luggage and on our way to the waiting lounge area. [its the place where we usually see people wait for the passengers arrival] Here, i saw my buddy, Zhang Yu Xing from Woosong University..the person that was incharge to pick me up at the airport. I met my buddy and Jin Soon met his friend and we said goodbye and promised to try to meet up again someday. Thank you so much for your help Jin Soon..^_^

So, the journey continues to our destination Daejeon. From Incheon International Airport, me and Yu Xing took the express bus to Daejeon which was a three hour journey. Actually when i was in the airplane, i didn’t manage to get enough sleep and was a bit dizzy, thankfully i get to rest myself for a while on the bus. Almost three hours on the bus, we finally arrived at Daejeon. From the bus terminal, we took a taxi to Woosong University. Finally arriving at Woosong University, i met my respective lecturer and also the person incharge of me..Mr. Lee Jung Min.

There, we had a little chat and he helped to arrange room for my stay. As to help me adjust and adapt quick to the new environment, he suggested that i stayed with a senior roommate. By just arriving and still tired of the long journey, he made all the procedure quick and i was able to go to my room and rest. I was arranged to stay at the foreign dormitory on the second floor. I was paired with a cute and beautiful Japanese girl named Machiko Maruyama..my new roommate. ^_^ And our dormitory and room..

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Well, its been quite a while… Previously, this was my page of Education on Language and Information Technology.. For newcomers, we, me and my coursemates were required to create this webpage as one of the assessment  for a subject that i had taken for previous semester for my degree fulfillment. We were given some exposure on how to create, used and blog on the Internet through Blogspot.com and also WordPress.com. Interesting?….do scroll down to my previous post on the information related to Language and Information Technology. These are the information gathered and summarized according to the chapters given in accordance to the course.

And now………………………………as for the title above..i wish to announce that i’m changing the title of this blog from Language and Information Technology to Dreams Are Possible.

Why?…. its because of ……..changes..and also modification that i’m doing in this blog. Even though i’ve finished the course..there is still some use of this blog. Why create a new one when you can just save that spot for someone else and re-used the one that you had already?…right?…. ^_^ Well, enjoy scrolling my page!…till then…have a nice day everyone… ;D

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