2010 Great Baekje World Festival

This festival was a rebirth of a 1400-year-old legacy. This main festival was focused on three main places in South Korea..which was Buyeo, Gongju Chungcheonam-do. There were many events planned and set to be performed on these main places. The events takes place for a period of over a month from September 18th until October 17th, 2010. This events was to bring back this old legacy into live..as it was said to be the fundamental source of the study of Korean Ancient History. Baekje was the name of a kingdom in the southwestern section of ancient korean peninsula, together with Silla and Goguryeo. It was a great kingdom that lasted for almost 700 years where finally it was defeated by Silla.

Daejeon was one of the nearest places to this big event with just one-two hours away from Buyeo, Gongju Chungcheonam-do. Without wasting that opportunity, Woosong University had organized a two-day trip for the international students to visit this fantastic event. It seems that my luck is getting better as i had the chance to go for both days trip.

The visits :

On 21st September 2010;

  • Buyeo National Museum
  • Sabi Palace

On 22nd September 2010;

  • Gongju National Museum
  • Gongju-Baekje Revival 

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